The Food crops (cereals, pulses, roots & tubers) have been unregulated since independence. The department compliance and regulatory services in the food directorate play a leading role in sustainably developing and promoting the scheduled food crops through an effective regulatory framework. The regulations and their operational tools include;

The Crops (Irish Potato ) Regulations,2019; LEGAL NOTICE NO. 17

The Crops (Food Crops) Regulations,2019; LEGAL NOTICE NO. 217

Operational tools


  1. Promote best practices by regulating the production, transportation, processing, marketing, grading, storage, collection, and warehousing of scheduled food crops produce and products
  2. Coordinate development and enforcement of regulations governing scheduled food crops.
  3. Registration and licensing of dealers in food crops value chains
  4. Facilitate international trade through export and import clearance
  5. Enforcement of standards in the food crops sub-sector in order to ensure food safety
  6. Conduct inspections and compliance audit for standards in stakeholder premises.
  7. Development and review of the food crops produce Standards and Codes of Practices in collaboration with the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS)
  8. Carry out appropriate measures to ensure safety in the domestic food supply.
  9. Participate in the formulation of policies and guidelines for scheduled food crops.
  10. Capacity build County governments’ officers on matters relating to regulations and compliance to enable them to discharge their duties effectively
  11. Participation in codex committee meetings on matters related to agricultural policies and International standards on food crops produce and products.
  12. Checking and evaluation of conformity of the food product imports into the country.
  13. Promote self-regulation among the various categories of dealers along the value chain in line with relevant regulations