The Directorate’s Corporate Services are: -

1.Office of Head of Directorate

Oversees the functions of the Directorate and management of the Directorates resources as well as the establishment of strategic goals and formulating plans to make sure those goals are met.


  • Delegates duties among staff members
  • Directs and supervises the activities of staff
  • Monitors costs against budget
  • Research and analyses industry, market, and competitors to make informed strategic decisions
  • Identifies core competencies and defines operational goals
  • Implements directorate’s policies
  • Provides guidance for workers as needed
  • Liaisons with Director General to make sure all core functions are in alignment with the strategic plan and policy
2.Human Resource Development and Administration

The section works in consultation with the Head – Human Resource Development and Administration and the Director, FoodCrops Directorate.


  • Implement AFA human resource manuals;
  • Implement staff development programs;
  • Empower the youth by providing internships, industrial attachments, and apprenticeships;
  • Manage Directorate’s resources and assets in order to optimize value in line with prevailing policy guidelines;
  • Implement public service cross-cutting programs (National Cohesion, Disability Mainstreaming, Gender Mainstreaming and HIV prevention and awareness) ; and
  • Implement other national and international human resource legal frameworks.

The section works in consultation with the Head – Finance and the Director, Food Crops Directorate to ensure adherence to the Public Finance Management Act 2012 regulations.


  • Budget preparation;
  • Votebook Control;
  • Monthly Bank Reconciliations;
  • True and Accurate Financial Reporting; and
  • Timely Receipts and Payment processing
4.Supply Chain

This section works in consultation with the Manager – Supply Chain Management and the Director, Food Crops Directorate to ensure adherence to the Public Procurement and Disposal Act 2015.


  • Development of the Directorate annual procurement plan;
  • Procurement of goods and services;
  • Stock and Inventory management; and
  • Asset disposal.
5.Information and Communication Technology

The section works in consultation with the Manager, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and the Director, Food Crops Directorate.


  • Develop and implement AFA ICT policies, strategies and innovations;
  • Develop, review and implement ICT security strategy, business continuity and disaster recovery plans;
  • Implement established national and international ICT standards, procedures and regulations;
  • Develop and maintain secure ICT systems and portals for efficient service delivery; and
  • Establish and manage secure Local Area Networks and Wide Area Network for the organization.