• Develop appropriate market research and product development strategies,
  • Implement trade, marketing and promotion programmes in the local and international markets
  • Identify and advise on market trends growth opportunities for new and existing markets
  • Liaise with the industry stakeholders, Kenya missions abroad, trade organizations and associations on food crops promotion matters.
  • Guide and advise the authority on product and market trends including diversification opportunities
  • Conduct regular market research including gathering and disseminating market intelligence reports.
  • Advocate for the rationalization of technical and non-technical barriers to agriculture food
  • Review and implement market development strategy
  • Increase competitiveness of Kenyan food crops products in medium and low end markets.
  • Enhance export readiness for stakeholders with focus on SMEs
  • Enhance visibility of Kenyan products through branding
  • Capacity building and promoting development, transfer and adoption of value addition technologies
  • Facilitate value addition and product development in the food crops industry.